Welcome to JMIRx | Psy, a new type of journal which we call a “Superjournal”

Superjournals are “overlay” journals that sit on top of preprint servers such as psyRxiv.

JMIRx | Psy covers all medical subject areas that are currently covered in psyRxiv.

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Why choose JMIRx | Psy

No more sending your paper around to journals—scientific authors simply submit their paper to a preprint server

There are no instructions for authors and no formal requirements on how the preprint must be formatted for the initial review

If accepted, we formally publish the [if necessary, revised] preprint to be indexed in PubMed/PubMed Central

No more submissions to manuscript management systems required (other than the preprint server)

No more back and forth between preprint servers and journals—it is all one seamless process!

No Article Processing Fees! JMIRx is a Diamond journal and peer-review/publishing costs are covered by institutions ("Plan P")

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